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                                                About Us

Located in Reidville, SC AAA Land Management is between Greenville and Spartanburg. This allows us to serve all of the Upstate of South Carolina at an affordable rate.  We specialize in Forestry Mulching, Land Clearing,Site Prep, Grading, Landscaping, Hardscape Construction, Outdoor Lighting, Irrigation, and Lawn Maintenance.  Our goal is to provide results that builds a trusted partnership with every customer. A majority of our work comes from repeat customers and referrals.  With being in this industry since 1999 we have thousands of hours in running equipment and have served Individual Customers, General Contractors, Builders, and Other Businesses.



Our vision is to serve our customers better than they expect, in an ultimate safe environment, in which we become the most trusted and reliable source for site work in our region.

We will accomplish this by committing to live by our mission and set of core values.



Do Excellent Work, Invest in Others, Honor God.



Our company has committed to live by the following values. These traits are the essence of what we are about. It is very important for your future success with this company and the success of the company, as a whole, for you to commit to live out each of these values in your workplace.



We value each of our employees and their families above all. We practice that value most evidently by investing in the safety of our people and others around us. Nothing that we accomplish in this business compares to protecting the lives and health of our people.

(Being totally aware of potential hazards and taking the extra step to prevent)



Even though we live in a competitive bid market where lowest price wins the day, we are committed to making quality one of our highest values. This will apply to every aspect of our work. Each of us will strive to "do it right the first time" and when that doesn't work; we will spend our time and money to make it right. We hate excuses. Our services will be best in class, performed by a well trained, professional team of people who are committed to not taking short cuts. We will be diligent in our daily preparation and planning. We strive for results that will not just meet, but exceed our customer's expectations.

Overcoming difficulty and not settling with "Just Getting By With What Will Be Acceptable")



We will start with the truth and not waste ours and other people's time with distracting untruths and cover-ups for our shortcomings. Our work boils down to solving and overcoming problems and challenges to achieve our customer's goals. We all make mistakes and we must face our problems and our mistakes quickly, openly and honestly in order to serve each other and our customers well. Each of the stakeholders in this business (our employees and their families, customers, vendors, general contractors) places their trust in this company and we must be honest with each one of them.

(Owning up to our mistakes)



We will do what we say we are going to do. Our "Yes" will be "Yes". We are committed to living according to these values and our mission above all else and we will not let other influences distract us from them. Our credibility and reputation in our community depends on this and is very important to us.

(Do I follow through with my commitments? Can people absolutely count on me?)



 We must act as 1 team to build each other up in order to achieve these goals.

(Don't think and act as though another crew's work doesn't affect your results. We are in this together.)


Continuous Improvement

We will invest in each other so that each of us will be better at what we do next year than we are this year. We must continue to learn and to improve our skills individually and corporately in order to add excellence to the value that we provide our customers. Our goal is that our employees, our subcontractors and our customers will be better at what they do because they worked with our company for a period of time.

(Am I better this year than I was last year at what I do?)



We will respond vigorously to change. Our world is changing quickly and we are committed to changing our practices and procedures in order to live at the forefront of changing trends and technology. We will commit to maintain a positive attitude as we learn and continue to adapt.

(Am I easy to deal with when everything around me changes?)

We acknowledge that we will, at times, fall short of these values, but we believe that we are here only by the grace of God. We will rely on His provision and His leading to live out these values in order to serve not only our stakeholders but our community as well.

Company Profile


AAA Land Management  is a family-owned and -operated site preparation, landscape company in Reidville, SC, that handles residential and commercial projects. We take pride in the dependability of our land clearing, excavation, and landscaping services and strive to deliver professional quality to our customers at an affordable price.


We also handle demolition work that includes the knocking down of buildings and parts of homes. Our team of professionals can also deliver rock and remove any excess material from your site as needed. It will be a pleasure to assist at your property soon, and we will do everything in our power to have it ready for the project you have in mind. We strive to provide the very best service at affordable prices and look forward to a successful working relationship. 

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